Acuity Insurance Online Login 2022

Founded in 1925, Acuity is a well-established company that specializes in casualty and property insurance. The company is the 61st largest insurer in the US with an asset base in excess of $3.5 billion.

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Chances are you are interested in signing up for Acuity online account but don’t where to start. Don’t worry. The guide below will take you through the steps of logging into your account, resetting password, and registering online.


Logging into Acuity online account is simple. Members can login from anywhere as long as the have a PC or smartphone. To login, please follow these simple steps.

Step 1– Open your browser and go to

Step 2– enter your username and password in the login area then click login

ACUITY Insurance login

If your ACUITY Insurance login details are correct, you will be directed into your account dashboard.

Note: both username and password are case sensitive.


Don’t worry if you have forgotten your acuity password. You can reset the password as follows:

Step 1– click on forgot password link below the login area

 ACUITY Insurance password reset

Step 2– enter the correct user ID and your email

ACUITY password assistance

Step 3– click on see password hint or answer challenge questions.

If you haven’t forgotten your password entirely, you can see the hint but if you don’t remember the password, answer security questions then reset it.


Acuity allows its members to create online accounts. You can register at any time by following the steps below:

Step 1–  Click on new user link to the right of the login area

ACUITY Insurance online registration

Step 2– Select user type – policyholder or agent

Step 3– Enter your policy number, zip code, and agency code

ACUITY policy details

Step 4– Create your username and password

Once you create your credentials and verify your account, you can login at anytime and manage it from wherever your are. You can also download the android app or IOS app and still use either to login into your account online.

Manage Acuity Online Account

Once you enroll for the Acuity online account, you can do the following 24/7:

  • Make bill payment
  • Get auto quote
  • Find an agent
  • Find a repair shop
  • view agency information
  • report  a claim

Video About The Company

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