AMarkets is an online broker that deals with a wide variety of financial instruments such as commodities, forex, and precious metals. It gives its clients access to the global markets for flexible trading options.

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The value of your trading account will depend on how well you are able to make the best use of the materials you are provided by the online broker. Among them, you have to be able to know how to use your user account. As a new trader at AMarkets you will need a guide to help you learn the basics of the site before you can start trading online.

How to login

You have to keep reminding yourself of the login details for your account. It helps you to familiarize yourself with the details for easy and fast login sessions. Assuming that you already have mastered the details of your account, use the following steps to access it:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Go to my account space.

Step 3: Enter your email and password and then Sign In.

How to change your password if forgotten

From any user’s point of view, forgetting your password can be the worst thing to happen to you especially when you urgently want to access your account. However, it happens and there is a way you can correct this problem within a few minutes and regain control of your account.

Step 1: Click forgot your password phrase.

Step 2: Enter your email and then recover password.

How to enroll

It is a step you have to take if you want to be an online forex trader. The goal is to create an account that will be accessible from where you are. As a forex trader, you have to be flexible and enrolling with a reliable online broker will be vital. To enroll, use the steps below:

Step 1: Go to open live account.

Step 2: Enter your name details, phone number, and email and then tap open trading account.

How to manage your account online

The process of trading is brought to life at this stage. When you manage your forex trading account, it gives you the control you deserve as an individual trader. You will be able to make use of the MT4 platform and access it to see how your trades are progressing in real time. It gives you a simple view and trend of your current trades. You can also deposit and withdraw cash from your account without much hustle.

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